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You wanna know some shit, do you?

Well. East is the Fort. They’re sorta orderly, like we are, but we don’t deal much with them ‘cept when they come to market. West is Azteca, which wouldn’t be so bad, ‘cept for Taco Bell and his damn blood-crazed cult. That crazy muscle man claims he’s gonna deliver the believers to the promised land through the blood of innocence, whatever that means.

North of here is the Burning Flats – does what it says on the tin. Toxic gasses, nasty fire-geysers, ash everywhere. It’s a good ways off, so we only get the smell when the wind’s wrong. Then there’s south. Pretty much no-man’s land for several days walk, then you’re in Juego, Monk and Oma’s country. They run the river down there, where it’s more east-west than up-down. Jeugo’s always after Phoenix’s ride, and Monk is a big fuckoff murderer, who seems only too happy to help. Oma sells the people they drag back downriver.

Here’s pretty tiny, maybe 70-100 souls at any given time, and most of that is Krieger’s gang. Then there’s Lucretia and the folks running the ‘finery, the poor bastards grubbing the corm, taters and nuts outta the blasted earth, and an occasional merchant or two who stops in a season. Course, sometimes there’s a bunch of trade at once, and then shit booms. Judge Harm – backed up by Krieger’s man Roark and his boys though, they keep the peace.

Phoenix, Lucretia, Peregrin and Idris have dragged in all the salvage for at least a days’ ride each way down the blasted slag-road, and damn near everything half a day out in the other directions.

Don’t even get me started about Lacramosa…that fucker’s just weird.

Main Page

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